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The Men's Multivitamin contains vitamins, minerals and specifically selected herbs to support health, recovery, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, energy, libido, prostate health, bone density, and optimal testosterone levels with a daily supplement.The Viking Laboratories Men's Multivitamin also contains seven strong antioxidants to help decrease inflammation and tissue damage.


60 Capsules

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Estrogen Control

The Estrogen Control is a blend of minerals and all natural nutraceuticals designed to maintain proper estrogen balance by gently suppressing the aromatase enzyme action to slow the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.  It also contains ingredients that release bound testosterone, thus raising free-T levels.  The Estrogen Control supplement aids the body in metabolizing estrogen as well.  Here at Viking we understand the real science behind hormone therapy, and we know that proper levels of Estrogen is a big part of your optimization.  This supplement also has the ability to drive the estrogen metabolism towards its Good Estrogen Metabolites, known as 2-Hydroxy Estrone, which aids in regulating metabolism, fat loss, muscle development and antioxidant protection.

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The Magic Pill

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The Magic Pill provides Extreme Energy, Focus, and Increases the Metabolism. Unlike most energy boosters, The Magic Pill doesn’t bring you up only to crash your energy levels hours later. This is a sustained boost of energy that decreases appetite, provides consistent energy, and allows you to perform at your best. The Magic Pill is truly a Game Changer in the supplementation industry.

60 Capsules




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The Viking Trio

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COVID 19 Home Testing Kit


Blood Spot Covid-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test – Approved by the FDA for Emergency Use! Detects COVID-19 Antibodies in 10 Minutes. As Easy to Read as a Pregnancy Test! A Few Drops of Blood are all that’s Required!

COVID-19 Rapid Test Instructions

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Viking Hat – Flexfit Proformance Cap


Viking is proud to feature the original and authentic Flexfit Proformance hats by Yupoong. These patented caps are the real deal, not cheap knock-offs, and they are specially designed to stand up to the rigors of athletic performance.


COLOR – White


August Special